Joe Pop

Just because.

Being heavily tattooed, I get asked a lot by the un-inked why I do it. Here are some of the explanations I give. Some I feel all the time, some I feel about once every three months. And some are just outright lies.

The reason I’m tattooed is:

because it looks cool

because its my autobiography on my skin

because it connects me to my inner primal Goddess and the Old Ways

because you can whip ‘em out at parties and show off

because I always preferred my ice cream with 100’s and 1000’s on it

because, like Cher, I too am a rock n roll woman who has lived

because it makes me feel sexy 

because I’m an outsider, a queer, and I hate my mum and I refuse to tidy up my bedroom and do my homework

because its my drug of choice

because when the inevitable happens and due to public demand I become a stripper it will be a profitable and memorable  gimmick

because I feel permanently and beautifully decorated and bejewelled

because I am the baddest mother fucker who ever walked this haberdashery department

because its a way to reinvent your self over and over again

because I’ve always wanted to be a wrestler rather than a writer

because no one can take them away from me

because despite my short hair and nondescript clothes I still have the heart of a Goth

because art is so important to my life, I must have it close by at all times

because I’m compensating for feeling insecure about the size of my penis

because its for life, not just for Xmas

because my headless corpse will always be easily identifiable

because I always wanted to be Querelle of Brest , Shirley McClaine in Sweet Charity, The Fonz and Lemmy from Motorhead all rolled into one

because it works as bait to pull the boys (and I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t love them)

because I’m scared of dying

because I love Rock ‘n’ Roll (so put another dime in the juke box baby) 

because every time I fall in love I want to write his name on my skin

because every time my heart is broken I want a coloured scar

because it says more about you than cash ever can

because I really want to fuck Henry Rollins till he screams

because it feels like dignity

because sometimes I’ve just got to be a bad, bad boy

because its a reward to my self for getting through the day

because its my drug of choice

because I’m nearly 45 and can do what the fuck I like

because I’ve got one life to live

...and just because it feels kind of right.


That’s why I have tattoos.