Joe Pop

Butch realness

I have lately  been trying to see if there are any male celebrities out there who I actually fancy. Any I would actually consider getting down and dirty with, and frankly there ‘aint that many. I mean, which of the cast of “Friends” could you bring yourself to shag?! I mean, the current crop of male sex symbols presented to us are the like of Leonardo DiCaprio, and frankly, he looks to much like Princess Diana to me to instigate a stiffie.

In a mostly ironic way I have vaguely fancied Robbie Williams, but only earlier on in his career, before he became the ubiquitous bone headed celeb bore he now is. I think what I originally liked about him was that combination of little boy face combined with a more mature, hairier body. I mean, it was like you could almost imagine he has a cock, unlike all other former and current boy-band members, who I presume are like Action Man in the trouser department, all smooth and genderless.

In a past Robbie fantasy, I get to three finger fuck him, and when he cant take it any more, he begs me “Please Big Daddy, fuck me senseless with that huge engorged Meat Monster of yours until I pass out !” (Look, its my fantasy, I can imagine anything I want, O.K!) So, I fuck him with my legendary in 2 continents cock, bringing him to a screaming-no-hands-on-dick-prostate-orgasm, as his tight little sphincter milks me to simultaneous ejaculation too! I then send him out to the all night garage for cigarettes and chocolate, which he pays for.

I recently found a picture of Burt Reynolds as he appeared in the film “Deliverance”, and it reminds me how much that film, seen sometime in my impressionable youth, must have shaped my sexual attraction to a certain type of man. I mean, I get attracted to men from a wide spectrum of types, but the beefy, burly, hairy Dad-esque style is always a primary colour on my palette. (Actually, in answer to my earlier question,. Tom Selleck, when he made is occasional cameo appearances, is the only person from “Friends” that I could shag!)

This attraction  and identification to a very masculine sort is quite a revelation to me, coming as I do from a subculture (punk/post punk/whatever)that celebrated the androgynous in men. As it is now, here I am, after years of evolving and morphing, beefy, hairy, goateed and tattooed, and I have now become the thing that I used to desire. The other has become the same. But to me, all this butchness is as much a put on,, as much a costume and drag as the fishnet sleeves and panstick I wore before. In fact the men I probably visually resemble and identify with the most are female to male transsexual men, who possibly understand the “masquerade of masculinity” better than any other. Sometimes its fun to fuck around with the rules a bit. I have one particular favourite look, where I don army fatigues, and glue  an Indian bejewelled bindi on my forehead.

I hope all the leather queens, gay skins and other butch types see their image for the drag that it is, and like I strive to, subvert and have fun with it. Here’s to a world of florists in paratrooper drag, and wrestlers in tutu’s!